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Get a full picture of your website visitors’ activities by tracking calls, texts, & form submissions

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About CallRail

CallRail makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to turn more leads into better customers. Serving more than 200,000 businesses and integrating with leading marketing and sales software, our marketing analytics and business communications solutions deliver real-time insights that help our customers market with confidence.

CallRail and Mixpanel

Once the integration is activated, CallRail’s integration with Mixpanel will automatically associate calls made by visitors to your website with any visitor information you report to Mixpanel. You’ll be able to view your offline conversion data for the projects you’re working on in Mixpanel.

Use cases

  • By integrating with CallRail, you will have the ability to track offline conversions

    Utilizing CallRail’s visitor-level tracking will help you gain a better understanding of how your website drives calls, text messages, and form interactions.