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Create effective in-product experiences using Mixpanel data.

Onboarding / Walkthrough, Surveys, User Experience
Cohorts out of Mixpanel, Events into Mixpanel, Formatted for Experiments Report, Schemas Synch, Supported Partner

About Chameleon

Chameleon is a no-code platform that empowers SaaS teams to build self-serve user onboarding, sophisticated feature adoption, and contextual feedback collection. With Tours, Tooltips, and Launchers, you can showcase key functionalities, highlight product changes, improve feature discoverability, and reduce support requests. On top of in-product guidance, Microsurveys are included with Chameleon too, providing the opportunity to collect feedback at the right time from the right audience, and continue to optimize your product adoption rates.

Chameleon and Mixpanel

Leverage your Mixpanel cohorts inside Chameleon; target users within these cohorts with specific in-product experiences built with Chameleon.

See how your in-product experiences perform using Mixpanel; automatically see all data related to your Chameleon Experiences inside Mixpanel, including A/B test data formatted for Mixpanel Experiments reports.

Use cases

  • Use cases for integration

    * Announce features to users that are most likely to be interested * Collect qual and quant feedback and combine with your analytics data * Offer pro-active help and support to at-risk or confused users * Offer a sales call to users identified as product-qualified leads * Test upsell and product-growth experiences * Assess how in-product experiences affect longer-term engagement and retention