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Leading privacy management platform. Map personal data and automate DSRs to build trust and eliminate risk.

Data Privacy / Compliance
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About DataGrail

DataGrail is the leading privacy management platform for building consumer trust and eliminating risky business. With continuous system detection and automated data subject request (DSR) fulfillment, DataGrail powers privacy programs. Companies like Salesforce, Overstock, Okta and DataBricks use DataGrail to support compliance with evolving privacy laws and regulations, like GDPR, CCPA, and CPRA.

“DataGrail is important to upholding trust and plays a big role in handling the personal data of our prospective customers... This is really an era that calls for the kind of functionality DataGrail is providing.”
Timothy McIntyre, Associate General Counsel & Data Protection Officer at Okta

DataGrail and Mixpanel

The DataGrail integration with Mixpanel detects personal identifiable information (PII) stored in Mixpanel so that our mutual customers can easily comply with privacy regulations and automatically process data subject requests (DSRs and DSARs). The integration also exists as part of the Live Data Map feature which provides an accurate system inventory in case of an audit.


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Use cases

  • Live Data Map

    DataGrail is the only privacy platform that provides continuous system detection, delivering a real-time inventory of where consumer data is stored across your organization’s tech stack. Backed by 1,300+ pre-built connectors, DataGrail classifies personal data from data warehouses, SaaS solutions, hosted servers, and internal database

  • Request Manager

    With built-in DSR management, DataGrail eliminates human error and manual processing to build consumer trust in your brand and reduce risk. Request Manager automates data subject requests (access, delete, and do-not-sell) to support compliance with GDPR, CCPA, CPRA, and more. Create a positive consumer privacy experience with customizable request forms and proprietary identity verification technology, and streamline your team’s internal processes with a centralized tracking dashboard and automat