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Data Privacy / Compliance
Events into Mixpanel, Events out of Mixpanel

About DataGrail

Great brands are built on trust. DataGrail is the new standard in transparency, simplifying compliance with the GDPR, CCPA, CPRA and similar regulations.

The platform provides continuous system detection, automated data subject requests (DSRs & DSARs), real-time data discovery and consumer consent and preference management.

DataGrail and Mixpanel

The DataGrail integration with Mixpanel detects personal identifiable information (PII) stored in Mixpanel so that our mutual customers can easily comply with privacy regulations and automatically process data subject requests (DSRs and DSARs). The integration also exists as part of the Live Data Map feature which provides an accurate system inventory in case of an audit.

Use cases

  • Use cases for integration

    System detection, automatically processing data subject requests (DSRs and DSARs), system inventory list for generating an Article 30 or similar audit documentation