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Seamlessly sync data from your warehouse to your business tools.

A / B Testing / Experimentation, Customer Data Platform, Data Pipeline, Messaging and Marketing Automation

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About Hightouch

Hightouch is the world's leading Data Activation platform, syncing data from warehouses directly into SaaS tools. Reverse ETL is the easiest way to get data out of data warehouses and into customer-facing operational systems. Hundreds of customers, ranging from fast-growing startups like Plaid, Betterment, Calendly, and Lucidchart, to large enterprises like AXS, Nando's, and Autotrader use Hightouch to sync data from their warehouse to the sales, marketing, success, support, finance and product tools their teams rely on every day. Hightouch Audiences is a visual segmentation builder that enables marketers to build and manage cohorts in a self-service way. Personalize every touchpoint, send lifecycle marketing campaigns to customers across any channel and hyper-target paid ads with Hightouch.

Our collaboration with both Mixpanel and Hightouch is critical to support Betterment’s data-driven culture.
Liz Chang, Director of Engineering at Betterment

Hightouch and Mixpanel

Hightouch is the best way to sync your valuable customer data from your Data Warehouse to Mixpanel. Your warehouse has all of your sales, marketing & product data. Hightouch makes that data available in Mixpanel so you can dive deeper and extract actionable insights and sync directly to the SaaS tools those teams use daily, without having to build or manage data pipes. 

Use cases

  • Build custom cohorts

    Segment Mixpanel reports and funnels by different groups of users.

  • Drive personalization

    Better understand customer needs and preferences.

  • No more CSVs

    Replace manual csv uploads with accurate & automated data syncs.

  • Work with ALL your data

    Hydrate mixpanel with all relevant sales, marketing, success and product data.