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Connect Mixpanel to 500+ apps or to any API with Integromat

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About Integromat

Integromat is a leading integration platform that allows you to connect apps and automate workflows without code or the need for a development team.

With 500 pre-configured apps available, and the ability to connect to any REST service, any simple or complex integration is possible.

We are motivated to help make businesses better through automation.

Integromat and Mixpanel

Integromat is a powerful integration platform that allows you to connect apps and share data – without the need for any coding.

Using the visual builder, you can drag and drop apps to Mixpanel to automatically send data from one source to another. You can also set up filters, use functions, and employ multiple routes to complete and automate a total workflow process.

Use cases

  • Use Cases for Integration

    Integromat allows you to automatically track events, create and update user or group profiles, or perform an API call in your Mixpanel account.

  • Here are just a few of the Mixpanel app integrations:

    Create Mixpanel events from your e-commerce orders Create Mixpanel events from new payments using your payment processing app Track Mixpanel events with custom properties thanks to our JSON module