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Bring your Mixpanel data into Mailchimp to send automated emails based on user behavior.

Messaging and Marketing Automation
Cohorts out of Mixpanel, Supported Partner

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Mailchimp and Mixpanel

This integration syncs contacts from Mixpanel into your Mailchimp audience and maps cohort information to Mailchimp tags. When you define a cohort in Mixpanel, you can use it to group and filter data and ultimately target groups of users with your Mailchimp campaigns. Once connected, you will be able to automate your marketing based on who they are and how they interact with your business.

Use cases

  • Make managing your audience data simple

    Automatically mirror audience data and eliminate manual imports and exports.

  • Bring all your audience data together in one place

    Sync Mixpanel cohorts as Mailchimp audiences, giving you one clear view of your users.

  • Take the best action at the right time

    Create relevant content for your users based on in-app behavior.