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Meya enables businesses to build advanced digital assistants with a suite of CX automation tools.

Chat, Customer Success, Messaging and Marketing Automation
Events into Mixpanel

About Meya

Meya is on a mission to help businesses build and deploy engaging digital assistants. Our platform helps businesses transform communication with their users by providing an automated, asynchronous and assistive conversational AI. Our technology is powered by BFML, the language designed for bot building. Meya was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Kitchener/Waterloo, Canada.

Meya and Mixpanel

Customers can track interactions with their Meya assistant by sending events to Mixpanel. With this integration, a customer can track any bot event, collect user profile data and do real-time debugging / logging as they manage and iterate their conversational design.

Use cases

  • When designing and iterating conversational experiences, it is important to track, analyze and interpret events to ensure that customers are being delivered with an efficient and assistive service.

    Meya customers would use Mixpanel to create and execute A/B tests and analyze their bot funnels (via goals), to find opportunities for improving their customer experience.