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Improve targeting and campaign analysis using powerful customer engagement and analytics products.

A / B Testing / Experimentation, Messaging and Marketing Automation, Product Development
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About OneSignal

OneSignal is the market-leading customer messaging solution, offering mobile and web push notifications, in-app messaging, SMS, and email to 1.5 million users from over one million companies. With its powerful multi-channel platform, OneSignal aims to democratize customer engagement by providing businesses of all sizes with enterprise-grade messaging tools to help grow and retain their audiences. 

OneSignal and Mixpanel

Easily send OneSignal events into Mixpanel and Mixpanel Cohorts back into OneSignal. This allows you to send more targeted notifications to your most loyal and valuable customers, and then better track the performance of those campaigns in Mixpanel.  

Now you can make data-driven decisions around retention and engagement strategies based on actual user behaviors. By combining best-in-class customer engagement and analytics products, you can more precisely target campaigns based on how your users behave in your product while also better measuring the impact. 


  • OneSignal & Mixpanel Integration
  • Using Mixpanel Cohort in OneSignal

Use cases

  • Personalized messaging

    Boost engagement with more contextualized messaging from OneSignal, triggered when users enter or exit Mixpanel cohorts

  • Real-time insights

    Gain a holistic view of customers by combining Mixpanel in-product user actions and OneSignal message engagement metrics.

  • Data-driven campaigns

    Leverage product-level user insights for re-engaging campaigns through OneSignal.