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Power up your customer engagement with automated push notifications, in-app messaging and email campaigns.

A / B Testing / Experimentation, Messaging and Marketing Automation
Cohorts out of Mixpanel, Events into Mixpanel

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About Pushwoosh

Pushwoosh is the mobile-driven customer engagement platform trusted by 80,000 clients from all industries, including global brands such as Unilever, Coca-Cola, Nestle, UEFA, and SPAR. Pushwoosh helps marketers build effective omnichannel communication strategies with the use of push notifications, in-app messages, emails, messengers, and SMS. Through engagement and retention campaigns easily set in Pushwoosh, businesses get to drive higher-value conversions.

Pushwoosh and Mixpanel

Enjoy all the benefits of our joint out-of-the-box solution – use the analytical insights you’ve gathered in Mixpanel to send even more effective communications with Pushwoosh.

  1. Export the cohorts meeting your chosen criteria from Mixpanel.
  2. Use the data to instantly send communications to relevant segments or enhance your understanding of the audience with the behavioral patterns you’ve been tracking in Pushwoosh.
  3. Stay in the loop of your customers’ response to your messages and differentiate your further communications in real time.
  4. Set up regular cohorts export from Mixpanel to always send the most relevant messages to target customers at the right moments.
  5. Send the data you’ve collected in Pushwoosh to Mixpanel via webhooks to make your segmentation even more advanced.

Use cases

  • Advanced customer segmentation

    Deepen your understanding of the target segments with extra insights on real-time user reactions to your communications.

  • Context-based communication

    Up your behavioral analytics game so that all of your messages hit the target – and bring you the desired conversions, of course!

  • Personalized messaging

    Have one-on-one conversations at scale. Don’t just call customers by their names – show them you understand their needs and pain points, and you may even be in time with an offer they’ve secretly desired.