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Send geofence, POI, region, and trip tracking event data to Mixpanel as events and people properties.

Location Context
Events into Mixpanel

About Radar

Radar is location data infrastructure. You can use our SDKs and APIs to build a wide range of location-based product and service experiences, including curbside pickup and delivery tracking, store locators, address autocomplete, location-based content and notifications, and more.

Radar and Mixpanel

On the Mixpanel Project Settings page, copy the token from the Management tab. Then, on the Radar Integrations page under Mixpanel, set Enabled to Yes and paste your token. Note that you can set separate tokens for the Test and Live environments.

Whenever events are generated, Radar will send custom events and user properties to Mixpanel.

Use cases

  • Send location-based events to Mixpanel

    Send location-based events to Mixpanel to understand the location context of a user as they take certain actions in your app.

  • Analyze geofence events

    Analyze geofence events in the context of a user flow.

  • Generate Mixpanel events

    Generate Mixpanel events when a user enters or exits your store, a POI category (ie: an Airport), or specific chains (ie: your competitor’s store location).

  • Location data

    Tie location data to Mixpanel’s user profiles.