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About RevenueCat

RevenueCat is a Subscription platform for mobile apps. Whether you are building a new app or already have millions of subscribers, RevenueCat makes it easy to build cross-platform in-app purchases, manage your products and subscribers, and analyze your IAP data – no server code required.

Focus on building your product, instead of worrying about building and maintaining complex subscription infrastructure. RevenueCat’s software development kit solution gives companies the tools they need to build a subscription business, including adding subscriptions themselves and maintaining them over time, even as the app stores implement changes. It also aids by sharing subscription data with other tools the business uses, like those for advertising, analytics or attribution.

RevenueCat is the single source-of-truth for your subscription status across iOS, Android, and web.

Using RevenueCat as our single source of reporting for mobile and web helped us eliminate a considerable amount of the backlog across almost every team and grow revenue in our top geos. Improved marketing performance with fewer engineering resources After implementing RevenueCat, we were able to scale revenue by increasing pricing in our top geographies after testing. With a single source of reporting for mobile and web, we were able to implement fast winback and upgrade messaging.
Shaheen Essabhoy, Business Intelligence at VSCO

RevenueCat and Mixpanel

RevenueCat can automatically send customer subscription events from your app into Mixpanel. With this integration you can see all events and revenue that occur for your app even if it’s not active for a period of time.

Use cases

  • Send subscription and revenue events from your mobile app into Mixpane

    The integration makes it easy to track trials, upgrades, downgrades, and LTV.