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The leading feature delivery platform for engineering and product teams to confidently release features fast

A / B Testing / Experimentation, Feature Flagging, Product Development
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About Split

Split is a unified feature delivery platform bringing the best of feature flagging and experimentation in one place for product and engineering teams to test, iterate, deliver impactful features that enhance the customer experience and drive business outcomes.

Split and Mixpanel

Within Split, you can use feature flags to segment and target distinct experiences to specific audiences; then send data to Mixpanel regarding the treatments that users received. In Mixpanel, you can create cohorts to further analyze behaviors across treatments and user attributes to support conclusions.

Use cases

  • Get a view of how Split’s A/B tests or experiments affects the metrics you track in Mixpanel

    Build cohorts in Mixpanel against what feature variation a user saw for better analysis. Determine which releases drove the right user behavior and prioritize areas for product and user experience improvement.