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Deliver powerful, data driven user experiences with Mixpanel and the Squiz DXP - without code.

Cohorts out of Mixpanel, Events into Mixpanel, Events out of Mixpanel, Schemas Synch, Support of Mixpanel's EU Servers

About Squiz

Squiz is a global Digital Experience Platform (DXP) company that enables customers to build enterprise-grade websites, portals, intranets and digital apps. Extend the power of your digital experience by connecting your back end software with your customer’s front end experience with hundreds of prebuilt integrations, and the power and flexibility of our iPaaS platform.

Squiz and Mixpanel

Get Mixpanel analytics on your website or portal with the simple addition of a JS snippet. Flexible, code free integrations with Squiz Connect enable you to use this data across your Squiz DXP and your wider ecosystem. Transform your data, merge it with other sources and leverage it according to your unique needs.