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Consolidate A/B testing, feature management, and marketing automation with Taplytics

A / B Testing / Experimentation, Feature Flagging, Messaging and Marketing Automation
Cohorts out of Mixpanel, Events into Mixpanel, Events out of Mixpanel, Supported Partner

About Taplytics

Product, engineering, data, and marketing teams use Taplytics for deploying server-side and client-side A/B tests, reducing enterprise risk through controlled feature rollouts, and delivering AI triggered emails and push notifications. Taplytics eliminates vendor bloat from various point solutions and enables brands to execute full customer lifecycle journeys that grow LTV.

Taplytics and Mixpanel

Taplytics has a bi-directional integration with Mixpanel that seamlessly imports Mixpanel Events and Cohorts into Taplytics to easily target your audience and deliver A/B tests, feature flags, emails, or push notifications. Taplytics engagement data is automatically sent back to Mixpanel as a Super Property. The integration allows you to quickly iterate and focus on customer growth.

Use cases

  • Achieve personalization at scale

    Achieve personalization at scale by delivering features and experiences to specific cohorts.

  • Deliver full customer lifecycle journeys

    Deliver full customer lifecycle journeys by combining Mixpanel’s advanced behavioural analysis with Taplytics’ full suite of A/B testing, feature flag, and messaging features.

  • Make data-driven product decisions

    Make data-driven product decisions with Taplytics experimentation data and deliver re-engagement messaging campaigns.