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Integrate data and automate workflows between Mixpanel and any SaaS app, DB, or data warehouse.

Customer Data Platform, Data Pipeline
Events into Mixpanel

About Tealium

Tealium connects customer data– spanning web, mobile, offline, and IoT devices— so brands can connect with their customers. Tealium empowers companies to create a unified, real-time customer data infrastructure. The Tealium Customer Data Hub makes customer data more valuable, actionable, and secure.

Tealium and Mixpanel

Tealium allows you to implement and manage Mixpanel’s JavaScript tag with ease through Tealium iQ. Create load rules to determine when and where to trigger this vendor, and leverage data mappings to control which data points are shared. Additionally, events and user data can be delivered to Mixpanel server-side by utilizing Tealium EventStream or Tealium’s leading CDP AudienceStream.

Use cases

  • Streamline implementations of Mixpanel’s JavaScript code

    Streamline implementations of Mixpanel’s JavaScript code or leverage a server-side solution to alleviate code on the page. Tealium AudienceStream allows you to take advantage of Tealium’s vast data sources, both online and offline, delivering the most accurate and current customer data to Mixpanel.