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A one-time setup for exporting user data of Mixpanel Cohorts as Static Segments in WebEngage.

Customer Data Platform, Messaging and Marketing Automation, User Experience
Cohorts out of Mixpanel, Supported Partner

About WebEngage

WebEngage is a full-stack User Retention Suite that enables you to engage users across their lifecycle & deliver personalized platform experiences at scale. Our advanced analytics stack & predictive RFM segmentation help you build impactful campaigns with great ease. Fueled by our robust CDP that enables real-time tracking & unification of third-party user data – you are bound to be unstoppable!

WebEngage and Mixpanel

The integration will work only if you have an active WebEngage a/c & our SDK is present on your apps/site.

  • Add your WebEngage REST API Key in Mixpanel to integrate.
  • If Mixpanel SDK was added to your apps/site prior to WebEngage SDK: Upload all Mixpanel user data in your WebEngage a/c to sync historical data. Please reach out to us at for assistance.

Use cases

  • Exporting user & behavioral data of Mixpanel cohorts to WebEngage enables you to:

    Drive retention-led growth by activating dormant customers, promoting repeat purchases, driving platform engagement & content consumption. Engage cohort users with highly targeted & personalized messages through their preferred channel. Be it Push, In-app, SMS, Web Overlays, Web Push, Email, or WhatsApp.