Mixpanel and Twilio Segment: Unite customer data, unlock growth
Mixpanel + Twilio Segment

Unite customer data, unlock growth

How do you map the entire customer journey to drive product growth? It’s easy, once you have the right tools. With Twilio Segment and Mixpanel, you have the right data model to unlock key insights about your users.

Mixpanel+Segment_Product Update Email_Black
Mixpanel+Segment_Product Update Email_Black

Let your customers
lead the way

User behavior should inform what you build next. Connect all your customer data with Segment CDP, then get the insights you need in seconds with Mixpanel product analytics.

Mixpanel dashboard with graphs and numbers

The key for us was that Segment had an integration capability with Mixpanel already. That was a bonus because then we could easily get Mixpanel in production without requiring additional engineering efforts. It was a win-win for everyone.

Francis Tuason Head of Business Intelligence

Personalize every

Decipher every user action with cohorts in Mixpanel. Segment your audiences to drive customer engagement across all channels in real-time.

Cohort Analysis in Mixpanel with graph background

Faster insights
with less effort

Build delightful experiences for your users with
Twilio Segment + Mixpanel in just one click.

Product Engagement

Mixpanel is integrated with Segment to get all the data. That integration works perfectly and has been amazing. It’s so easy to use once it’s integrated;
it’s one click.
The benefits are speed, data accuracy, and trust.

Antoine Creuzet Co-Founder

Mixpanel + Twilio Segment

Spend less time connecting your data
and more time exploring it.