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Funnels analysis: More advanced slicing & dicing

Suhail Doshi

The images in this post are out of date.

A few weeks ago we made a significant improvement to our (already quite
powerful) funnel analysis tool. You can now do advanced slicing & dicing on
your Funnel data, just like you can in our Segmentation

Previously, you could only do a single segment, asking questions like “Show me
my funnel broken down by country.” Now, you can ask much more advanced
questions, filtering and segmenting on multiple properties – for example,
“Show me my funnel where users are male, greater than the age 40, and break it
down by where the user came from.”

Some valuable use cases that came directly from customers include:

  • Segmenting your funnel but constraining your segmentation to a particular A/B test. (e.g. Break this down by country but only where users saw experiment “A”)
  • The ability to filter on multiple utm_* parameters and then being able to segment.
  • The ability to handle specific data types like numbers and lists of things to give you more control over how you “query” your data.

To try it out, all you have to do is flip the toggle beneath the funnel
visualization to “Advanced”:

Our goal is to empower our customers to answer some of the hardest questions
in the world about their data in the simplest way possible. We hope we created
more value for all of you aiming to understand more about your own customers.
This most recent addition truly makes funnel analysis with Mixpanel the most
powerful and advanced in the industry.

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