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Introducing Foundational Templates
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Introducing Foundational Templates

Last edited: Apr 25, 2023 Published: Apr 26, 2023

Mixpanel's new Feature Launch, Lifecycle Cohort Analysis, and Company KPIs templates make it simple for anyone to get answers to important product questions as soon as data is available.

Julia Kimes Product Marketing Manager @ Mixpanel

We’re always working on making it easier to get started with Mixpanel. But still, it can be hard to know what questions to ask in order to begin analyzing your data. If you’re new to product analytics, the possibilities can seem endless. And even seasoned pros are looking for a way to get to insights faster.

Mixpanel's "Use a Template" screen, where you can choose to create a new Board from the Company KPIs, Feature Launch, and Lifecycle Cohort Analysis templates.
If you’re a Mixpanel user, you can try out templates now by clicking the above image.

We’re excited to introduce Mixpanel’s Foundational Templates, which make it simple for anyone to get answers to important product questions as soon as data is available. Our templates create out-of-the-box and fully customizable Boards: collections of reports that are accompanied by instructions designed to guide you section by section. Plus, they’re available to everyone on any of our plans—free and paid.

Included in the Foundational Templates:

  • Company KPIs Template: 9 reports that make it easy to measure engagement, retention, and growth metrics
  • Feature Launch Template: 14 reports that help you monitor your new feature’s adoption, retention, and overall product impact
  • Lifecycle Cohort Analysis Template: 10 reports to help you uncover changes in your user base and build more sustainable user growth

Start answering questions sooner

Foundational Templates help you start in-depth analysis in seconds, with guidance for each section to help you understand what questions are being answered as you move through the Board. The templates focus on key metrics like adoption, product impact, retention, and more. With useful tips along the way, it’s easy to get up and running with a template.

Feature Launch Template

A key element of launching a new feature is knowing what to track, how to track it, and how often to track it. Without the right plan in place, important insights can be delayed or missed entirely. With just two event inputs, the Feature Launch Template helps you track the most commonly used and actionable product metrics and answer questions like:

  • How many people used the new feature this month?
  • How many times do they use it in a month?
  • Is this feature’s adoption driving overall product growth?
  • How does this feature impact long-term retention?
A look at a Mixpanel Board created with the Feature Launch template
See the Feature Launch Template in action by clicking the image above.

If you’re new to product analytics, the Feature Launch Template is the perfect introduction to how you can leverage Mixpanel to monitor your new feature after launch and determine feature/product fit. And for seasoned Mixpanel users, the Feature Launch Template serves as a great shortcut to get you to the answers you’re looking for faster.

Lifecycle Cohort Analysis Template

Most product teams monitor the number of active users they have in order to evaluate the general health of the product. But not all users are created equal. Breaking out users into groups based on their engagement level is a great way to deepen your understanding of your users and find more opportunities for growth.

A look at a Mixpanel Board created with the Lifecycle Cohort Analysis template
See the Lifecycle Cohort Analysis Template in action by clicking the image above.

Imagine your data is showing a steady rise in weekly users until a dramatic drop for four weeks, then a slow climb back up. The Lifecycle Cohort Analysis Template can help you answer questions like:

  • What was the fall in active users driven by? Was it users going dormant or a lack of new users?
  • Is the recovery growth coming from new users or resurrected users?
  • Was there a product update or a marketing push driving this growth? How can I replicate this or keep this up?

Company KPIs Template

The Company KPIs Template takes the guesswork out of identifying and tracking your baseline metrics by giving you a ready-made, customizable Board for metrics across growth, engagement, and retention. It helps you easily answer questions like:

  • How many users are experiencing value in my product?
  • Who are my most engaged users?
  • Which channels generate the most signups?
  • How many of my engaged users come back
A look at a Mixpanel Board created with the Company KPIs template
See the Company KPIs Template in action by clicking the image above.

The Company KPIs Template is designed to be a startup’s secret weapon for keeping track of product health and product-market fit, but it also creates investor-worthy Boards that showcase the metrics they care most about. Investors often ask for very specific metrics like activation, retention, k-factor, etc. Get common startup North Star metrics at your fingertips and be able to quickly put together a compelling story about your product for that next funding round.

Dig a little deeper

Finally, we hope these templates lay a solid foundation on which you can build a practice of curious, hungry analysis. By taking the initial heavy lifting out of creating customizable Boards that are ready for you to add additional, deeper reports, Foundational Templates provide a head start on answering more complex questions faster. Building analytics for everyone means lowering the barrier to entry for getting all those next-level questions answered, too.

Getting started with Foundational Templates

In Mixpanel, you can create a new Board with a template in just three easy steps:

  1. Click “New Board” and select “Use a Template”
  2. Choose your template and click “Start From Template”
  3. Enter the required inputs and click “Create”
An animation that shows how to create a Mixpanel Board with Foundational Templates

With all of our templates offered completely free and for all our users, you can jump in right now to explore your data. You can also check out our video overviews on the Feature Launch Template, Lifecycle Cohort Analysis Template, and the Company KPIs Template.

  • If you’re a Mixpanel user, you can get started with templates by using this handy shortcut.
  • If you’re not already signed up with Mixpanel but want to give the template a try, we’ve made it super easy to get started with a free account and use our demo datasets to quickly see what you can discover.
  • Read our help doc to learn more about how the templates work.

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