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Mixpanel Collective Technology Partner Program
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Mixpanel Collective Technology Partner Program

Last edited: Mar 1, 2022 Published: Oct 28, 2020
Mixpanel Team

Continuously delivering digital products and experiences that users love is no easy task.

It requires breaking data out of silos and making it accessible; navigating an exponentially crowded tech landscape to choose the right tools; and equipping all teams with the right data to understand and influence user behavior. Product, marketing, and data teams all need to seamlessly connect many disparate data sets within this complex web of integrations and pipelines so that all parts of the business can leverage the product stack to answer questions that drive innovation.

We officially launched our Solution Partner Program back in March 2020, and are proud to now officially announce our Technology Partner Program within the Mixpanel Collective.

This program builds upon the most successful initiatives we’ve had with other industry-leading companies—accelerating growth for both sides and giving customers greater flexibility and choice. We’re also doubling down on our investment in providing more partner benefits and making them available to an even larger network of trusted technology partners.

Our newest partners and partner tiers

To recognize and reward the capability and performance of every Mixpanel technology partner, we’re introducing three designations for partners within the Mixpanel Collective. A partner’s tier is determined by the number of mutual customers and/or the historic partner-influenced revenue. The higher a partner’s tier is, the more resources Mixpanel invests into the relationship.

Along with our new partner tiers, we’re proud to formally introduce our first group of Mixpanel Technology Partners:

Airship | Appcues | Insider | Iterable | Leanplum | mParticle | MoEngage. |OneSignal | Segment | Tray | Workato

I’m an end user. What integrations are available?

While product stack requirements may vary drastically by company depending on size and vertical, the need to connect tools and data easily remains consistent.

Not only are we thrilled to see our technology partner network grow and evolve, but we’re also investing in supporting over 50+ best-in-breed integrations and constantly adding new ones to help our customers get more out of Mixpanel—and ultimately build better products.

The most popular use cases amongst our customers include (but are certainly not limited to):

  • Customer Data Platforms (CDPs): Implement a CDP to increase data integrity across the entire stack: collecting, cleaning, protecting, and routing all user data and events through one centralized tool to a number of downstream tools (Mixpanel included).
  • Engagement / Messaging: Leverage in-product engagement data for hyper tailored user messaging and subsequently track how it affects user behavior, and drives the desired action.
  • Walkthrough Guides: Build effective in-product experiences by using Mixpanel insights and cohort segmentation to better inform users about product changes and create more targeted guides.
  • Data Warehouses (DWHs): Import large volumes of data from a cloud bucket into Mixpanel for analysis using our Cloud Import feature, or track and analyze data in Mixpanel and then export to a DWH with our Data Pipelines add-on.
  • Attribution: Combine your attribution data with Mixpanel to see how engagement, conversion, and retention differ across ad channels and campaigns.

You can browse our official integrations for these (and many other) use cases here.

I’m a prospective partner. What are the benefits of the program?

Mixpanel technology partners obtain many benefits from joining our program (all are listed here). A few key highlights include:

  • Referral revenue: Partners earn an attractive referral fee on every closed deal sourced for Mixpanel.
  • Field collaboration: Partners can engage in co-marketing opportunities and work closely with our go-to-market team for qualified customer introductions and joint sales campaigns.
  • Mixpanel for free: Gold and Platinum partners receive free access to a Mixpanel Enterprise plan with all available add-ons and 600M annual data points.
  • Preferred introductions: Platinum partners are recommended first to Mixpanel customers and prospects to underscore the impact they’ve made for our mutual customers.
  • Solution partner training: Platinum partners become part of our training and enablement courses for our global ecosystem of trusted solution partners.

If you’re an end user looking to explore our integrations and/or integrate another tool with Mixpanel, please visit our Integration Directory to browse our integrations, or to reach out to partners[at]mixpanel.com to speak with a member of our team. If you need additional support evaluating new tools and joining existing ones, we can also connect you directly with one of our trusted solution partners

If you’re a prospective partner looking to build an integration and eventually join the Mixpanel Collective, please follow the steps outlined here before applying to become a partner. You can also reach out to us at partners[at]mixpanel.com to speak directly with a member of our team and learn more about the path to partnership.

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