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Choosing product metrics that matter

Fatih Koca

I’m Fatih Koca, Director of Analytics Strategy at Mixpanel. I’m responsible for supporting our customers in developing their analytics strategies and improving data-informed decision making.

One of the most common questions I receive is, “what are the right metrics to measure?” After many consulting engagements with customers across different industries, I decided to share my perspective and learnings with other product and growth teams. Together, with a dream team of analytics experts and storytellers at Mixpanel, I put together a framework to help enable data-informed growth through effective measurement.

The framework provides guidance on measuring the end-to-end user journey, from acquisition to retention. It covers:

  • How to figure out your set of key metrics, as well as your focus metric
  • How active usage, reach, activation, engagement, and retention complement one another in helping you measure the health of your product
  • How companies in different industries can customize the core measurement concepts to fit their business
  • A simple method for building your own key metrics framework

You can get the full guide here. I sincerely hope you find the material valuable!

– Fatih

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