Award-winning cooking platform, Yummly, uses Mixpanel to A/B test its designs and inform product updates—helping create an increase in conversions.

11% increase in registrations
Ongoing product improvements
A/B testing new designs

Mixpanel gives us a competitive advantage by helping us analyze how users engage with features to inform ongoing improvements.

Melissa Guyre, VP of Product, Yummly

More than just a searchable recipe database, Yummly curates recipes based on your preferences and engagement, where recipes you’ve ‘yummed’ (liked) in the past helps the app provide smart recommendations in the future. It includes thoughtful features and designs that empower even the most kitchen phobic to find enjoyment in creating dishes that match their skill level and taste—helping all of us be healthier and hopefully reducing food waste along the way.


Yummly owes much of its success to a data-informed culture. Not only does data propel the machine learning algorithms that provide users with recipe recommendations, but it also directs the features and design of the app itself, where internal teams use Mixpanel to analyze how users engage with features to inform ongoing improvements.

Melissa Guyre, VP of Product, aims to ensure that everyone in the organization can gain insights from the data. “We use Mixpanel primarily within our product team to allow product managers to understand events, funnels, and flows that lead users to engage with their features. Beyond the product team, anyone at Yummly can view dashboards to see how we are performing in key areas.”

Empowering teams across the company to use data

Teams at Yummly use Mixpanel to measure everything from high-level KPIs, such as total sessions and new registrations, to more granular metrics, such as the performance of individual recipes or product ads. Dashboards are built based on what the events and properties teams want to measure so that the data is organized in a way that is quickly accessible and easy to understand.

Increasing registrations with new designs

Beyond informative reports on key metrics, Mixpanel also enables the team at Yummly to run experiments to really understand how small design changes can impact the user experience. For instance, Kimberly Cheung, a Product Manager at Yummly, wanted to improve the rate of new registrations after a website update. To optimize the experience, Kimberly decided to test a number of different page designs to see which one would have the biggest positive impact on online registrations.

Using the new design as a control, Kimberly used Mixpanel to run an A/B test where she exposed different users to variants of the design and measured the rate of conversion for each.

After running the test for a week, she used Mixpanel’s insights tool to easily identify which page variation was the top performer. By implementing the winning design, Kimberly and her team were able to increase conversion rates by 11% above the control variant and 3% above the old design variant.


Yummly is well ahead of its peers when it comes to providing smart, engaging technology solutions for every home chef. That success has been driven in large part by not only a relentless focus on delivering value for end users, but making more confident, data-informed decisions.


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