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All Solution Partners have been trained and certified by Mixpanel.


  • Existing data and systems audit
  • Tool evaluation and recommendations
  • Analytics strategy and KPI/metrics definition
  • Customer journey mapping


  • Implementation planning workshops
  • Event tracking instrumentation/development
  • Quality assurance of data


  • Dashboard setup
  • Team training and enablement
  • Key user cohort identification and analysis
  • Ongoing analysis and insights


  • Product stack integration and optimization
  • Cross-channel messaging/campaign execution
  • A/B testing and experimentation advisory
  • Data governance strategy and maintenance
Mixpanel Collective

Certified Partner

Individuals and/or organizations demonstrating proficiency in understanding Mixpanel’s value proposition, implementation approach, and core platform functionality.

Mixpanel Collective

Gold Partner

Highly trained organizations demonstrating ongoing commitment to their Mixpanel practice and driving innovation through product analytics.

Mixpanel Collective

Platinum Partner

Organizations that have achieved the highest level of Mixpanel mastery, possessing scalable practices capable of delivering tactical to transformational services for customers of all sizes.

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