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Introducing In-App Notifications

Hot on the heels of the new year, we’re pleased to introduce an even more powerful way to connect with your users: In-App Notifications. Designed specifically for mobile, in-app notifications are swift, native, and beautiful. But the true beauty of in-app notifications lies in their flexibility: regardless of your use case, you can build, edit, and send an in-app notification in a snap. It’s now extremely easy to redirect users from one part of your app to another, introduce a new feature, make an announcement, or simply give your audience a heads-up about the news, deals, or tips of the day. The best part is, this can all be done without touching a single line of code.

Let’s say you’re a video game developer and you’ve just launched the hottest game on the market, DragonSlayer 9000. You notice that users are signing up like crazy, but everyone is dropping off after Level 5 — nobody can figure out how to make it through the Cave of Fire. Rather than update your game and push a new version to the App Store, you can instead instantly set up an in-app notification with a cheat — “Distract the dragon with a sandwich!” — that pops up as soon as your users start Level 5. You can then track just how efficient this cheat has been by placing the in-app notification in a funnel, and seeing the impact it has on users making it past Level 5 and finishing the game.

Another great time to use in-app notifications is when you want to redirect users to another feature or product within your app. Maybe you’re on the marketing team for a flight-booking app, and you’ve just partnered with an international hotel chain — let’s call it the Sleep Chalet. Whenever your users successfully book a flight, you can serve them an in-app notification that not only encourages them to book a hotel next, but also deep-links them to the website for Sleep Chalet. As a nice bonus, you can also choose from a whole kit of icons to accompany your notification (among them are a megaphone, a flag, a trophy and a heart, as well as a host of other options).

Like anything in Mixpanel, in-app notifications are also fully customizable and allow you to selectively target your user cohorts. A dating app, for example, might want to send a Valentine’s Day message to active users who are listed as single. The targeting setup is the same as in any report in Mixpanel: simply select the people properties from the drop-down menu, and you’ll see a list of all the users who fit the specified criteria. Like any other Mixpanel notification, you can choose to send an in-app notification just once to a specific cohort, or you can schedule the notification to be sent every time a new user fulfills the criteria specified — like reaching a certain level in a game for the first time.

In-App Notifications are another great way to reach out to your users, and an even better way to help them decide how to get the most from your app and your business. Once you’ve sent an in-app notification, you can see in real-time just how much of an impact it has on your users’ activity: by including that notification in a funnel or retention report, you can directly see how it influences what your users do next.

In-App Notifications are part of our People Analytics tool, and require that you update to the latest version of our iOS SDK. After that, just log in and start sending. More information on In-App Notifications can be found here.

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