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Introducing Codeless Mobile Analytics

Last edited: Dec 10, 2017
Justin Megahan

Tracking how users are interacting with your app just got easier. Now you can get Mixpanel’s advanced mobile analytics without writing a line of code.

Let’s face it, everyone’s dealing with limited developer resources. If you’ve got to add a tracking request to the growing queue of dev needs, it’ll probably take some time. With Codeless Mobile Analytics, you can focus your development time on what matters – making your app better.

With a simple point and click setup, Codeless makes tracking events a breeze.

Want to know if people are using a new feature? Skipping that tutorial? Changing a setting? After you’ve installed the Mixpanel SDK you can just fire up Codeless Mobile Analytics (it’s that icon on the bottom of your sidebar). Select your platform – iOS or Android. Then connect to your app using either a phone or an emulator.

That’s it. From right there in your browser, you can easily add event tracking to your app.

Codeless Mobile Analytics tracking with Mixpanel

Even better, once you’ve got the Mixpanel SDK in your app, tracking changes go live with just a click of the “Deploy” button. You aren’t stuck waiting on a push to the app store. Or worse, dealing with user fragmentation as you wait for everyone to update to the latest version of your app. None of that with Codeless Mobile Analytics. You add the events and it is so.

So head on over to your Mixpanel project, or register for your free account now, and discover the simplest way to get advanced mobile analytics, without writing any code.

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