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New Feature – Funnel Trend Analysis

Suhail Doshi

This post is out of date.

For an overview of advanced funnel features, refer to the Community Tip: Funnel Best Practices

We’re launching a new feature that allows you to view how your funnel
conversion rates change over time. For example, if you are tracking your sign
up process, you can see the overall conversion rate at the sign up step for
each of the last 12 weeks. Let’s say you made a large-scale change to your
site design. Looking at funnel trends is a great way for you to track whether
your new changes are improving your performance.

Mouse over a step in your funnel page, and you’ll notice “Click to view
trends” in the tooltip. Click the step, and you will see a graph of the
percent of visitors who reached that step over previous weeks.

trend graph

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