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We’re making our prices public
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We’re making our prices public

Last edited: Feb 5, 2024 Published: Feb 27, 2023

With our new transparent pricing, getting started with product analytics is fast and affordable.

Thiaga Rajan Director of Engineering @ Mixpanel

Update: Experimentation is a big part of building products. A year after introducing transparent, self-serve pricing for our Mixpanel Enterprise plans, we’ve decided to revert back to flexible pricing that better meets the needs of our customers. We’re keeping our dynamic pricing public for our Growth plan, which can still be purchased fully online. Check out our pricing page for more information.

We kicked off this year by introducing our vision for transparent pricing that would make it as frictionless as possible for companies of all sizes to get started with product analytics. The problem we’ve seen across B2B software at large is that vendors hide their pricing, forcing expensive discovery calls and negotiations that waste time and leave customers questioning whether they’re getting a good deal (and they’re often not).

Starting today, Mixpanel’s new self-serve, transparent price purchasing experience is available worldwide to push this mission forward and save our product analytics customers time and money.

Anyone who wants to try or buy Mixpanel can now go to our website and point and click their way into free or fully customizable Growth and Enterprise plans—no “contact us” to buy, no negotiating. These new plans are also built according to the number of events customers plan to track, ensuring lower prices overall and that no one is charged a dollar more than they have to in order to meet their analysis needs.

Read on for more details on how we designed a purchasing experience that everyone wants and deserves. Or see our new pricing page yourself to get started.

Mixpanel’s new self-serve plans.

Fair, transparent pricing—no more negotiating 

The prices and details for all of our plans up to 20M events per month—which accommodate over 98% of our customers today—are the same for everyone, and they’re all published online.

We don’t negotiate on these prices because we want to ensure every one of our customers has confidence they are getting the best value possible. And this price transparency goes for both signups and renewals, meaning no unpredictable price changes when your company and analytics needs grow.

If you exceed your plan, we’ll never hit you with the kind of punitive overcharges that some software providers dole out; you’ll only pay regular fees per event with Mixpanel. And with our forgiveness policy, we won’t charge at all for events that were tracked by mistake.

Fast, online purchasing

We’ve made purchasing all of these plans fast and frictionless, too. Our customers’ time is precious and they’d rather be focused on building their product and company. You can now simply select or custom-build a Mixpanel plan right on our pricing page, complete the purchase online, and get started with your Mixpanel implementation in minutes.

It’s the same “add to cart” experience you find when buying almost anything else online.

Even custom plans can be built and purchased right online.

Of course, if you want help getting started, our sales and success teams are always available.

Analytics anyone can afford

Finally, we’ve lowered our prices. This is really important to us since we believe affordability is a key pillar to our product being truly impactful for builders

As a result of our continued investment in infrastructure and operations, we’ve made key breakthroughs in the efficiency of our custom-built analytics database, Arb. Today, we’re passing these savings on to our customers. We’re excited to unveil the most generous free plan on the market, including 20M events per month, and the most affordable Growth plan on the market, going up to 300M events a month. Our prices scale simply and transparently from there.

By increasing the sizes and lowering the prices of our starter plans, and going public with the pricing, our customers can trust that getting started with product analytics won’t be a huge investment.

Providing the best value for startups

We’ve updated our free plan to include up to 20M events per month, which is the most generous free plan for product analytics on the market. Understanding that the majority of the startups that use us today track between 50 to 100 events per user per month, this plan allows customers to not have to think about paying for product analytics for their first 200k to 400k active users. We believe product analytics is a crucial competitive advantage for startups at infancy, and we’d like to remove cost concerns for far longer into their journey.

Beyond the free plan, we offer a Mixpanel for Startups program that provides up to $50,000 in credits for qualifying companies just getting started in our Growth and Enterprise plans. Lastly, our plans are designed to smoothly increase with usage, so there are no sudden jumps in price as your business grows.

Cost is an acute and immediate pain point for customers of all sizes, especially in times of economic uncertainty, so we’ll never lose focus on providing the best across-the-board value in product analytics.

Get back to building 

For us, taking the friction out of getting started with product analytics is really about one thing: helping our customers get back to building great products as soon as possible. We’re going to continue to deliver product analytics that everyone can trust, use, and afford—and lowering the barrier to entry is part of that.

If you haven’t done so already, check out our new pricing page, now available globally. See for yourself how fast and affordable it is to start building better products today.

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