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Privacy Program

Mixpanel & the CCPA

The California Consumer Privacy Act, or CCPA, extends California consumers’ data privacy rights by giving them more control over their personal information. As a California-based company, Mixpanel understands the importance and requirements of the CCPA.

CCPA Compliant Analytics

Protecting your data

Mixpanel is a first-party analytics provider. When you use Mixpanel, you collect and control the data. All we do is provide powerful tools that help you understand and act on your data. As a first-party analytics provider, Mixpanel helps you maintain the confidentiality and security of your data because it remains under your control.

Meeting CCPA requirements for consumer requests

Mixpanel has invested in simplifying data subject access requests. Customers have access to a suite of dedicated APIs that allow for quick, accurate, and verifiable responses to access and delete questions from within the Mixpanel application. Visit our Export or Delete End User Data help page for more information on our deletion and

Mixpanel allows you to manage data subject consents with tools built directly into our software. Whether you hoping to manage opt-in or opt-out consent, Mixpanel allows you to give your customers choices over how their data is shared. You can read more about these features here.

Helping you meet your compliance obligations

Looking to comply with the CCPA? When you use Mixpanel to collect or process personal information, we act as a “service provider” and are prepared to sign a contractual addendum to cement that role. You can view our California Data Processing Addendum here.

Mixpanel is Built for Privacy and Security

Mixpanel’s platform, interface, and systems are designed around privacy and security.

Option to opt-in or opt-out

Mixpanel helps you meet your privacy obligations by not tracking or collecting information from data subjects that opt out of tracking or collection. Our SDKs make it easy for data subjects to opt out of being tracked on your website or product. Visit our Opt Out of Tracking help page to learn more.

Custom data collection

Mixpanel’s flexible implementation features allow you to customize, or limit, the amount and extent of data you collect from data subjects. Our Data help page can provide you with more information on tracking and identity management.

Strong encryption

Mixpanel protects personal information by using platform wide cryptographic controls. All data is secured in transit using TLS, and encrypted at rest in our proprietary analytics database.

At Mixpanel, our privacy and security team is dedicated to helping you confidently maintain compliance when using our product.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at compliance@mixpanel.com.