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Caution: Beware of Recruitment Fraud!

Recruitment Fraud

What is recruitment fraud? Recruitment fraud occurs when scammers send you fake job postings, schedule interviews, or extend job offers, with the goal of harvesting your sensitive personal information or getting you to send them money. Often times, the fraudster will:

  • Request that you provide your sensitive personal information like a bank account number, credit card information, government ID numbers (SSN, Drivers License, Country ID Card, etc.), or usernames and passwords to your account.

  • Request payment or payment information in exchange for setting up an interview, often claiming that they need it to book flights or hotels on your behalf.

  • Send fake “offer letters” to you, then request payment or payment information to purchase work equipment.

How to Protect Yourself

You can protect yourself from scammers/fraudsters targeting individuals seeking job opportunities by being alert and following the cautionary measures below.

  • To ensure the legitimacy of job offers, always visit our official careers page. All official positions will be listed here along with instructions on how to apply.

  • All official communications regarding job openings and recruitment at Mixpanel are conducted through verified channels only. Verified channels include:

    • Job posting on sites such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed, and our careers page. After applying, if you are selected to move forward, a recruiter with an “@mixpanel.com” alias will contact you. Be cautious of unsolicited offers or inquiries from unofficial sources that don’t have an “@mixpanel.com” alias.

    • LinkedIn Inmails from Mixpanel employees or email messages from employees with an “@mixpanel.com” alias.

    • In the event that Mixpanel outsources recruitment services to a third-party company, you will always be introduced to a mixpanel employee with a “mixpanel.com” alias and go through a formal interview process(defined below).

  • No one from Mixpanel will ever request any form of payment during the recruitment process, including fees for applications, interviews, training, equipment or background checks. Report any such requests immediately to local authorities, e.g.,:

  • If a recruiter purporting to be from Mixpanel contacts you, please confirm their identity from LinkedIn first. If their profile does not have many connections or has incomplete information, this could be a warning sign.

  • Do not share any sensitive personal information, such as social security numbers, bank account details or passport numbers, unless you are certain of the legitimacy of the communication and recipient.

  • No employment offers will be made without a formal interview process, which involves multiple rounds of interviews with several Mixpanel employees. Mixpanel’s interview process consists of, at minimum:

    • A call with a recruitment employee

    • Two rounds of interviews with Mixpanel employees on platforms such as Zoom

Mixpanel is committed to maintaining a fair and secure recruitment process. We take recruitment fraud seriously and work diligently to prevent it. Safeguard your interests by remaining vigilant and informed.

Mixpanel has no responsibility for fraudulent offers of employment and advises candidates to follow the guidance provided above.

If you have any concerns or need assistance, please contact our Human Resources department at security@mixpanel.com.