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The Lean Startup – Building new products

Suhail Doshi

Eric Ries put on a presentation
at the Web 2.0 Expo called A Disciplined Approach To Imagining, Designing, And
Building New Products

Here’s some of the highlights though we think you should watch the whole

  • We don’t necessarily know what our customers want even though we think we do…so figure out a way to learn.
  • We can’t predict the future.
  • The lean startup: Commodity technology, Customer development, Agile software development
  • How build a startup: Continuous deployment, Split-test (A/B testing) experimentation, 5 why’s
  • AAA of metrics: Actionable, Accessible, Auditable
  • Measure macro: Look at visitor retention over time (Cohort Analysis), Split-test, measure the large

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