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Core reports
Insights View event frequencies as trend lines or bars and apply formulas
Flows Identify top user paths and drop-off points
Funnels Understand user conversion across any funnel
Retention Analyze user retention and usage frequency
Explore Create cohorts and inspect user profiles Limited You can create cohorts but not save them
Advanced analysisLimited
Impact Find causal relationships between feature launches and user behavior
Find interesting segments Automatically surface statistically significant user groups and their impact on your conversion and retention rates.
Experiments Analyze how experiments affect metrics across your key dashboards
Signal Find actions that correlate with goals like retention and engagement
Query-time data modeling Transform and enrich data at query time without engineering resourcesLimited
Statistical operators for events and properties Find averages, medians, or sums of properties on a total or per user basis
Behavioral frequency analysis Bucket users based on their in-product behavior
Custom sessions Customize your session definition based on user inactivity
Custom events Combine multiple events and filters to query them at once
Custom properties Transform data with Excel-like formulas to power ad-hoc analysesLimited You can create custom properties but not reuse them across reports
Lookup tables Enrich data in seconds by uploading a CSV list of properties Limited Mapped Properties won't persist outside your report
Monitoring and alerts
Live view Monitor a real-time event stream of user activity
Custom dashboards for web and TV Monitor your metrics at all times and share them with colleagues across your company.
Email digests Schedule email updates on core metrics with key internal and external stakeholders
Alerts Create alerts to get immediate notifications when metrics spike or dip unexpectedly.
Data Collection, Exports and Integrations
Data collection/tracking
Mixpanel SDKs for real-time tracking
Identity merging across sessions, devices and platforms
Data imports
Import API Import historical data
Schemas API Import metadata like event and property definitions
Data exportsLimited
Report exports Download reports as CSV, PNG, or PDF files
Raw data export API
Formatted API export Export report results to JSON or CSV
Automated data export (via data pipelines add-on)GCP, AWS, SnowflakeGCP, AWS, Snowflake
A/B testing and experimentation tools Analyze the effect of experiments on product usage by merging data using tools like Optimizely, Apptimize, and VWO
Advertising platforms Send targeted advertising with tools like facebook ads and google adwords
Attribution Sync your attribution data from tools like Appsfiyer, Adjust, and Branch
Customer data platforms Unify data across all your platforms with CDPs like Segment, Mparticle, and Tealium
Data governance Stick to your tracking plan and ensure data accuracy with tools like Avo and Iteratively
Product tours and onboarding Create effective product guides using tools like Chameleon and Appcues
Messaging Send tailored multi-channel messages using tools like Braze, Airship, and Iterable
Data Governance
Lexicon Define, manage, and update your data dictionary
Data dictionary Add definitions to share context throughout Mixpanel
Data management Hide events and properties
Access controls and permissionsLimitedLimited
Project roles & permissions Manage project level roles and permissions
Entity sharing and permissions controls Share and manage permissions for reports, custom events, cohorts, and more
Private reports Create reports that are visible only to you
Data views Apply global filters to create data subsets that exclude irrelevant data points from analyses
Sensitive data classification Mark events and properties as sensitive and manage who can query them
Security and Privacy
Two-factor authentication
Support for US or EU data residency Can be enabled during project creation; not enabled by defaultFreeFreeFree
SAML-based single sign-on (SSO)
GDPR compliant Data deletion and export tooling, GDPR compliant Data Processing Addendum; GDPR compliant data transfers
Native SOC 2 type II Compliant
CCPA compliant processing
Customized complianceLimitedLimited
Data retention policy Automatic delayed deletion of data after ingestion5 years5 yearsCustom
HIPAA compliant processing Including BAAs
Security consultations and custom Data Processing AgreementsAvailable add-on
Pricing and Usage
Saved reports5 per seatUnlimitedUnlimited
Data historyUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited Customizable
MTU pricing MTU = Monthly Tracked Users, approximately equal to monthly unique visitorsUp to 100,000 MTUs per monthUp to 100,000 MTUs per monthCustom pricing for any MTU volume
Event throughput limit1,000 per MTU Equivalent to a total of up to 100m monthly events1,000 per MTU Equivalent to a total of up to 100m monthly eventsCustom
Custom pricing
Event based pricing
Accommodations for seasonal traffic Mixpanel will smooth out your annual MTU count to reduce overages from seasonal increases
Customer Support and Success
Mixpanel community membership Share your ideas with the Mixpanel team, and ask questions to other data professionals on the Mixpanel community
Email supportWeekdays 12am-5pm PTWeekdays 12am-5pm PT
Customer Success Manager (CSM)
Early access to betas
Live chat and faster response SLAsAvailable as add-on

Frequently asked questions, answered.

Explore Our Full Billing FAQ

What are Monthly Tracked Users (MTUs)?

Monthly Tracked Users are calculated across all projects in an organization. For each project, MTUs are calculated as the number of unique visitors with at least one event in the last month.

In rare cases, where your users average more than 1000 events each, MTUs will be calculated as the total number of events divided by 1000.  Learn More

What if I go over my prepaid MTU amount?

We don't stop collecting your data. Once you've finished using your prepaid amount of monthly tracked users you'll be charged our Ă  la carte rate (20% above our normal plan rates) for each additional user tracked that month.

What's the difference between monthly and annual plans?

Customers on annual plans prepay for monthly tracked users for the entire year and receive a discount for their commitment. The annual plan allows you to purchase MTUs at a lower rate.

How can I estimate my MTUs?

To get an idea of your MTU count, add your monthly active users to the number of anonymous visitors you get per month. Some tools also call this metric "Monthly Unique Visitors."

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Our new Free Plan offers up to 100,000 monthly tracked users (up to 100,000,000 events), all our core analytics features, and unlimited data history.

However, you will no longer have access to the Messages, Signal, Impact, or Experiments reports. Additionally, you will only be able to create temporary cohorts and will be limited to 5 saved reports per user.
Learn more about the new Free Plan!
Our new Free Plan offers up to 100,000 monthly tracked users (up to 100,000,000 events), all our core analytics features, and unlimited data history.

However, you will no longer have access to the Messages, Signal, Impact, or Experiments reports. Additionally, you will only be able to create temporary cohorts and will be limited to 5 saved reports per user.